Best Phone Screwdriver Sets for Your Business — Buying Guide 2024

Best Phone Screwdriver Sets for Your Business — Buying Guide 2024

The smartphone repairing market was estimated to be worth US$185 billion in 2020 and is anticipated to expand at a CAGR of 5% from 2021 to 2027. As smartphones become more advanced and expensive, many people prefer to repair their devices instead of replacing them.

However, repairing a phone requires the right tools and skills. That’s why you need a reliable and versatile mobile repair screwdriver set that can handle different screws and components. In this article, we will guide you through the key factors to consider when buying a phone screwdriver set and recommend some of the best products on the market. Happy reading!


4 Factors to Consider When Choosing Phone Screwdriver Sets:

There are four critical aspects to selecting the best phone screwdriver sets for your business. Let’s start reading!


  1. Head Type:

Phone screwdriver sets have many head types. They can easily match with different screws. There are some common screwdriver head types, which are given below:

  • Flat or Slotted has a flat tip. It fits in a straight line on the screw.
  • Phillips has a cross tip that fits in a cross shape on the screw.
  • Robertson has a square tip. It fits in a square shape on the screw.
  • The Torx has a six-pointed or star tip that usually fits in a star shape on the screw.
  • Hex key has a hexagon tip or head. It fits in a hexagon shape on the screw.


  1. Specialized Tips:

Some screwdrivers have a special tip. It helps them hold the screw better and not slip off.

  • Magnetic tipsmake the screw stick to the screwdriver. They touch more of the screw and push harder. This makes it easier and faster to put in the screw.
  • Black-phosphate, Black-oxide, and Diamond-coatedtips are rougher than steel tips. They grip the screw tighter and don’t wear out quickly. Pros like these tips because they can put in screws better and stronger.


  1. Handle-Grip Design:

Handle shape and size matter for screwdrivers. Wide handles ensure users higher working efficiency. They are good for simple screws. The thin handles make users careful and slow. They are suitable for precise work.

Some handles have rubber coating for comfort. Some have hard plastic and rubber together. This gives both accuracy and comfort.


  1. Storage:

With many screws and bits to sort out, having a stand or box that provides a certain space for the gadget is important. Besides, each box can be marked to distinguish one from the other, which can avoid repeated searching for some work that requires take-and-go.


Top Recommendation For E-Tree’s Phone Screwdriver Sets:

E-Tree screwdriver sets come in diverse types. So anyone can swiftly pick out the best one that meets their needs. Let’s see the top benefits of its products:


  • It is a patented product with 57 accessories for different working areas.
  • It has four kinds of 28mm S2 steel deep hole bits and 48pscs of CR-V bits.
  • It works well for tablet PCs, smartphones, air fans, game consoles, laptops, desktops, and small appliances.
  • The rotating cap comes with 3D anti-slip engraving that adds friction for easy grabbing.


  • This precision screwdriver set contains 120 tools that can be used for different cell phone and computer repairs and more.
  • It has four kinds of 28mm S2 steel deep hole bits and 100pscs of CR-V bits.
  • It has screwdrivers with non-slip handles and magnetic tips.
  • Top-notch materials for a longer lifespan and stable quality
  • It works well for tablet PCs, smartphones, air fans, game consoles, laptops, desktops, and small appliances.


  • It has four kinds of 28mm S2 steel deep hole bits and 24pscs of CR-V bits.
  • This electronic repair kit charges fast with a Type-C 2.0 charger.
  • Having a non-slip texture for gripping easily.
  • Adopting 4 gears, taking different kinds of electronic products, from mobile phones and watches to keyboards and game consoles, into consideration.
  • Coming with dual dynamic mode for both manual and electric working.
  • Other features: 200 rpm motor speed; 350 mah battery capacity; 1h charging time, and less than 3N.m manual torque.

After reading this article, you have learned the key factors to consider when choosing phone screwdriver sets. Among the many options available, E-Tree stands out as a high-quality brand and trusted partner that offers reasonable precision screwdriver kits with multiple latest features and accessories. Besides, we also provide professional customization services for your specific demands.

So, visit our website now and buy your desired precision screwdriver kit today! Good Luck!

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